Hat Care

Leather patch hat care tips:

Let’s start with some cautions and follow with cleaning suggestions.

 1 ) Your dog may love your hat, but not in a good way. We’ve had a few reports of dogs chewing up patches. So, be mindful of that if you have a dog.

2 ) Salt water may cause adhesion problems. We use a very strong heat activated adhesive for our patches, but a few customers have claimed that salt water immersion has caused adhesion issues. For now we recommend not getting your hat wet in salt water. If you do, rinse well with cold, fresh water and blot the wet hat including the patch with a towel.

3 ) Avoid hot water and the clothes dryer. Leather can harden and shrink slightly if wet and exposed to high heat. So if you’re going to wash your hat, hand washing is recommended. ( See #6 below)

4 ) Spot removal tips. Start with water, many spots are water soluble and will come clean with wetting and blotting/rubbing the affected area with a towel. If that doesn’t take care of it try a little dish soap and an old toothbrush to scrub lightly. Again rinse well and blot the area.

5 ) The sweatband is best dealt with by wetting/rinsing the affected area and blotting without much delay. This can help avoid stains and repeated sweating without doing so may cause permanent stains. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so there is no absolute remedy for this.

6 ) As a last resort: Washing your hat in warm water using mild dish soap, soaking, and then rinsing thoroughly may provide the best result. Use of your washing machine or dishwasher is not recommended.

Caution: With a light colored hat, especially white, this could result in light staining of the hat from the dye in the leather patch. If you choose to clean by this method, blot the hat of excess water after rinsing,especially the patch and surrounding area.